Dainty Wrist Jewelry

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Bracelet to fit women with small wrists. Beautiful blue leather trendy bracelet. It has four separate strands on the front with rhinestones For ladies with small wrists. Very sparkly silver bracelet with rhinestones on the entire double wrap. Popular Geneva rose colored metal watch, 3/4 inch band width, with bling around the face. The watch face is 1 1/2 in diameter, with a white shell background. Watches for women with dainty wrists.
Blue Sparkle Leather Bracelet
Our Price: $14.00

Silver Sparkle Bangle
Our Price: $14.00

Fancy Rose Gold Geneva Watch
Our Price: $29.00

For tiny arms. This mysterious palm cuff bracelet is perfect for any age and any occasion. It is handmade from a recycled 20 gauge aluminum metal can For small wrists. This unusual bracelet with silver beads in the braided leather strap has many strands in vintage brown and dark brown For small wrists. Semi-colon cuff bracelet to show hope for those struggling, or for those that have friends or family that have struggled with mental illness, suicide, self harm, or additions.
Black Palm Cuff Bracelet
Our Price: $20.00

Semi Colon Cuff Bracelet
Our Price: $25.00


Fashionable Watches & Bracelets for Skinny Wrists

If you are a woman with thin wrists you can completely understand what a challenge it can be to find stylish bracelets that actually fit. When you have a tiny wrist, most bracelets end up slipping up your arm or completely off your hand.

This is why our skinny wristed family created Dainty Wrist Jewelry - an online boutique offering a beautiful collection of bracelets, bangles, and watches for small wrists, all in one place. We believe that a woman with smaller wrists deserves great bracelets too! Our line of bracelets for women with petite wrists is fun, stylish and just the right size to make your dainty wrist look fabulous!

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