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USA TODAY (Dainty Wrist Jewelry was featured in USA Today ) "Meet (apparently) my master student, Elaine Povinelli, proprietor of the website Dainty Wrist Jewelry, a site and business that is, all at once, quite useful, very clever, definitely unique, and equally helpful." --- Steve Strauss, award winning author, columnist and entrepreneur.

BOMB PETITE (Popular UK Fashion Resource Site) "Bracelets constantly slipping and sliding off can be so irritating. It’s a frustration that Dainty Wrist Jewelry understands all too well." --- Yuliya Petryk

KATE STYLE PETITE (Informative Petite Fashion Blog) "I don’t wear bracelets much because it’s always difficult to find ones small enough for my wrists. Which is why I jumped at the chance to collaborate with Dainty Wrist Jewelry– a store dedicated to arm candy that would fit us petite girls!" --- Kate Greer

ESHNE (Petite Fashion and Help Blog) "So, like the rest of me, my appendages are tiny and thin, so most jewelry doesn’t fit very well. I pretty much stopped looking for bracelets and made due with the few pieces I randomly found that fit. So, I’m especially excited that we have another option now!" --- Adriana Robledo

PETITE FASHIONISTA (Personal Style Blog for Petite Women) "When these bracelets from Dainty Wrist Jewelry showed up, I was sold! I’ve worn them almost every day since receiving them. They’re the perfect size for my wrist and they’re beautiful too. The quality is amazing and I’ve received so many compliments already!" --- Becca Porter

CUTE & LITTLE (Petite Lifestyle and Fashion Blog) "I always put my bangles through the computer keyboard test as I can't have my bangles making noise when I'm typing at work. These bangles pass even when sitting at the lowest part of my forearm. I've been wearing these non-stop and besides the fact that they go with everything, they're also surprisingly durable and have lasted through many play sessions with my 19-month old!" --- Kileen Valenzuela

BIZSTARTERS (Podcast Interview about Dainty Wrist Jewelry) "
Elaine Povinelli spent months searching for just the right business to start. She had some very specific criteria in mind. One was being able to work from home so as to be around for her children. This quickly lead her to realize that her business needed to exist online. One day, she had a burst of creative thought – she had a need and bet other women did to…she has small wrists and many bracelets slide off her arm. So, she crafted a new business distributing a variety of styles of bracelets appropriate for women with 5-6 inch wrists. Listen and learn how she put her business together, piece by piece." --- Jeff Williams, award winning entrepreneur

(Fashion Blog)
"Dainty Wrist Jewelry is an online shop that specializes in – you guessed it – bracelets and watches for people with very small wrists. Each product’s description will let you know what size wrist it is made for." --- Sarah Harrell

PETITE STYLE ONLINE (Amazing Petite Fashion Site From Great Britain)
"If you’re petite and have small wrists, it can be hard to find bracelets to fit. Dainty Wrist Jewelry is an online international jewelry boutique that offers handcrafted artisan bracelets and fashion bracelets, all specially made to fit small wrists. Their collection includes watches, leather bracelets, charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, bangles, cuff bracelets, wrap bracelets and more. Prices start from as little as $6 and free shipping is available in the US" --- Carol Li

HOLLY DERYN COURT (Petite Fashion Blog)
"If you've got tiny wrists, you'll know what a problem it is to find pretty bracelets and watches that fit properly! Nearly everything I try on is always too big for me because my wrists are so tiny and I've lost count of the number of bracelets I've lost because they've fallen off whilst out. So when I came across Dainty Wrist Jewelry I was beyond excited because Dainty Wrist offer an incredible range of bracelets and watches especially tailored for those of us who have teeny wrists." --- Holly Court

STREET MADONNA (LA Based Personal Style Blog) "A great option for ladies with tiny and small wrists, without having to go the custom route. They offer wrist jewelry in a variety of styles. I fell in love with their sterling silver bird bangle, which I also received for my birthday. This bangle is available in sizes small and extra small. Instructions on their site about how to measure your wrist were super clear and easy, so I knew I needed xs." --- Jenny Kim

PETITE OVER 40 (Iconic Fashion Blogger and Writer) "Enter Dainty Wrist Jewelry, an online boutique that specializes in bracelets and watches for women with petite wrists. I can get my bling on for a price that suits my wallet and a size that fits my petite frame!" ---Sherry Dryja

FABULOUSLY CHIC OVER 50 (Fashion, Beauty & Travel Blogger) "Fortunately for me, I received an invitation to try a line of jewelry designed specifically for women with small wrists!" ---Jone't Wooten

A PARISIENNE IN AMERICA (Influential Fashion Blogger) "I have a small wrist and for those who can relate, you must know how tough it is to find a bracelet that fits right. In my case, the bracelets would not even stay on the wrist but will find its way to travel through my arm and go hide somewhere in the sleeve, you feel me here don't you ;) " ---Alpa Rama

THE URBAN PETITE (Internationally Published Model and Petite Fashion Blogger) "Being petite can definitely have its disadvantages sometimes, especially when it comes to bracelets. I have seriously tiny wrists (5 1/2 inches around to be exact) and I've forever had problems finding bracelets that fit without being adjusted by a jeweler, or shopping in a kid's section. That's why I was so excited to team up with a company called Dainty Wrist Jewelry!" ---Stephanie Morgan

PETITEELLIEE (Petite Blogger from Great Britain) "My oh my is it a beautiful store. When I was on their site, I was kind of spoilt for choice, and for a girl who normally has to search far and wide to find a little enough bracelet to wear, you should have seen how giddy I got." ---Ellie Jansen

CONSTANT CONTACT (Email Marketer) Dainty Wrist Jewelry was named Constant Contact All Star for 2017. This is for their top 10% performing clients. Thank you to our wonderful clients!

INC. MAGAZINE (Dainty Wrist Jewelry was featured in Inc. Magazine) "Elaine Povinelli is a typical lifestyle entrepreneur. She launched Dainty Wrist Jewelry, an online seller of bracelets for the small boned." ---Leigh Buchanan, Editor at large.

PETITE IN SHADES (@petiteinshades on instagram) "Everyone who knows me, knows I'm obsessed with anything that blings. These @daintywristjewelry bracelets fit my petite wrists perfectly! Yah, no more shopping kids ones or going from store to store." ---Star Dattilo

SIMPLE ULA (@simple_ula on instagram) "@daintywristjewelry has amazing bracelets for skinny wrists ( a brand owned by a mother of four daughters so they know exactly what women need)" ---Ula Truchan

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