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For small wrists. Grandma Bangle Bracelet with Grand Babies' Birthstones! A fabulous gift idea for new grandmothers with one birthstone, or more. For small wristed women. Great Grandma bangle bracelet with great grand babies' birthstones! A fabulous gift idea for new great grandmothers with one birthstone or more. For small wristed ladies. Mother bangle charm bracelet with childrens' birthstones! A fabulous gift idea for new mothers with one birthstone or many. Charm bracelet. Free shipping in the US. It will fit 5 - 6 inch wrists.
Grandma Charm Bracelet
Our Price: $24.99

Mother Charm Bracelet
Our Price: $24.99

Bracelets for small wrists. What a beautiful sterling silver bracelet with 3 diamond like cubic zirconias. For skinny arms. Very nice simple geometric sterling silver cuff bracelet. Understated. Wear one or stack them with our other bracelets. Each cuff is hand formed and forged wire into this lightweight airy design. For small wrists. Simple and beautifully crafted sterling silver bracelet with three sterling beads knotted with naturally vintage brown, or black, or brown, or brown and black, leather.
La Petite Sterling Silver
Our Price: $28.99

For small wrists. Such a unique leather bracelet!!Handmade bracelet in different browns (light, vintage and dark brown) featuring with 925 sterling silver heart charm, Cartier color beads in gold, rose gold and silver + stainless steel heart bead For tiny arms. A truly special leather bracelet in your choice of black, or brown, or vintage brown, or black and brown. It is accented with two beautiful Sterling Silver hearts For small wristed women.Very unique stacking bangle bracelets in a wavy style of contrasting colors. Each are made of sterling silver and are hand created to make the matching waves.
Wavy Sterling Bangle Duo
Our Price: $47.99
For dainty wrists. Boho chic brown, or black, ir vintage brown, or brown and black, or burnt orange, leather bracelet is heavily woven with a handcrafted sterling silver flower charm in the middle of the bracelet For small wrists. Stunning 2.5mm wide by 1mm thick Sterling Silver cuff bracelet. This bracelet has a beautiful organic hammered finish For tiny wrists. A chic leather strands bracelet, alternating with Sterling Silver .925 tubes onto brown, or black, or vintage brown, or black and brown, leather.
For thin wrists. This modern Sterling Silver Cross bangle bracelet is beautiful on it's own or stacked. This beautiful bracelet is created and hand textured by an artisan. For tiny wrists. What makes this bangle bracelet so unique are the tiny miniature twisted silver rings that float all around it. They give the bracelet movement and playfulness. For thin wrists. Show your hippie side with this leather strands bracelet, alternating with Sterling Silver .925 peace charm and beads onto vintage brown or black leather.
Peace Leather Bracelet
Our Price: $54.99
For small wrists. Handmade multi straps vintage brown, dark brown, natural brown and black leather bracelet featuring  925 sterling silver and stainless steel beads. For small wrists. Rustic and sophisticated come together to create this fantastic combination! When a single is not enough. When a touch of copper is the perfect accent. For small wrists. This listing is for one gorgeous sterling silver bangle. Each Solid (not hollow) Bangle is handcrafted from eco-friendly, 99.9% Pure Silver. (In comparison, Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver.
For tiny wrists. A gorgeous extra heavy bangle handcrafted from eco-friendly silver. The silver used for this bracelet is 99.9% Pure. For thin wristed women. The amazing wild flower design speaks of rambling cottage gardens. This sterling silver cuff is sensual and romantic. For tiny wrists. A tantalizing artisan made vintage brown, or brown, or black, or black and brown, leather bracelet, alternating with different 925 Sterling silver beads around it.
Sterling Silver Wildflower Cuff
Our Price: $66.99

Bangles for women with small wrists.Gorgeous heavy, sterling silver custom bangle. It is dressed with beautiful birds in flight. This sterling silver piece will dress up any wrist. For small wrists. This is a unique artisan vintage leather bracelet, alternating with many 925 sterling silver beads For skinny wrists. Your bracelets are handcrafted from eco-friendly Solid Sterling Silver.
For thin wrists. Contemporary Wire Wrapped Artisan Bracelet. This different bracelet is an open design of 8 strands of twisted sterling silver. For small wrists. Precious metals entwine to create a unique and dainty sterling silver bracelet. Sterling wire is braided and entwined around each other. For thin wrists. The double straps of this soft rich brown leather are anchored at the bottom with sterling silver beads. This is embellished with sterling silver
Sterling Silver Tessa Bracelet
Our Price: $84.99

For petite wrists. What a lovely Infinity wrapped bracelet, which symbolizes enduring love and commitment. Great for fancy parties and weddings. Handcrafted in strands of both smooth and hand twisted sterling silver For tiny arms. This special infinity bracelet symbolizes enduring love and commitment. It is handcrafted in strands of both smooth and hand twisted sterling silver For skinny arms. Beautifully handcrafted from eco-friendly Solid, not hollow, Sterling Silver, each set of 3 bangles is custom made. The styling is organic and flowing,

Sterling Silver 925 bracelets for your petite wrist

Sterling silver bracelets are a necessity for every women because they go with everything! If you have been searching for the perfect small silver bracelet, Dainty Wrist Jewelry has some special sterling silver bracelets for ladies with skinny wrists. As a complementary accessory, silver bangles for small wrists can complete an outfit. For a classic look, sterling silver bracelets are timeless will be around forever. So go ahead and splurge on yourself with a sterling bracelet, you deserve it!