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Bracelets for tiny wrists.Unique pretty pink/tangerine jade gemstone bracelet is twisted as it surrounds your wrist. Round beaded pink/tangerine stretchy bracelet. Crystal quartz clear stretchy bracelet. Bracelets for women with small wrists. Stunning genuine green agate gemstones, strung together with white leather. Green agate stones are thought to bring good luck and fortune. Bracelets for women with small wrists. Green aventurine stone heart bracelet, lovingly hand made by an artisan.
Green Heart Chakra Bracelet
Our Price: $14.99

For [petite wrists. Simply stunning handmade stone bracelet. It has three natural pink hued stones, then a few crystal and gold beads throughout. Bracelets for tiny wrists. Stylish turquoise peace sign along with real multi colored chipped stones. Bracelets for skinny wrists.Fun red, green, brown, and purple six strand wrap with various beads and stones, 1 1/2 inch wide . Very different, as the stones and bead strands intertwine.
Elegant Pink Stone Bracelet
Our Price: $18.99

Peace Chipped Stone Bracelet
Our Price: $22.99

Bracelets for small wrists. Beautiful genuine garnet stones are a symbol of truth, purity and love. The stones are a beautiful deep red. Bracelets for little wrists.Stunning genuine blue agate stones are known for their balancing and healing energy. These baby blue stones are also very for soothing the soul. For small wrists. Fresh water pearls are strung together with 925 sterling silver (not plated) to make this elegant bracelet.  Always a classic, this pearl bracelet is timeless! Great for weddings, parties, bridesmaid gifts, brides too!
For small wrists. A great way to show you are anchored in faith! This custom made solid sterling silver anchor/cross charm with detailed motif and shape, is wire wrapped with freshwater rice pearl on one side, and has a delicate sterling silver chain For small wrists.The stones are set in simple bezels 10mm that can be added on by screwing off the end of the bracelet. Fits like a bangle for 5 - 6 inch wrist. Many believe stones protect and have healing powers. You have a choice of silver or gold plate For thin wrists. This bracelet features two delicate love birds sitting on a branch and the branch is wire wrapped to fresh water rice pearls and Swarovski crystals. One larger rice pearl and crystal dangle below the branch.
For small wrists. A simply elegant custom made pearl bracelet. Great for dress up parties and weddings. Made with luscious freshwater coin pearls and rice pearls. Pulled all together with a sterling silver chain. For tiny wrists. A gorgeous bracelet with 8mm matte natural stone amazonite beads. A clear crystal druzy charm dangles from it For small wrists. A gorgeous bracelet set (comes with two bracelets pictured) with 5mm natural turquoise stone beads. They are embellished with gold brass round and teardrop beads.
Amazonite Druzy Bracelet
Our Price: $42.99
For skinny wrists. Naturally opulent peach/pink hued moonstone bracelet. The 6mm stones are unpolished. A brass druzy hematite charm with a gold finish For petite wrists. This is a gorgeous 8mm faceted multi colored amazonite bracelet set, both included. The opulent pale colors are simply beautiful. One has a sun charm and the other a moon charm with gold beads scattered in For thin wrists. Gorgeous 8mm faceted gray labradorite bracelet. The multi shades of gray is stunning and has scattered gold beads throughout. It is topped off with a gold druzy charm. Each bracelet is handmade
Sun and Moon Bracelet Set
Our Price: $42.99
For small wrists. This very popular druzy is all the rage now and makes quite a fashion statement, and matches everything! A sparkling, free form druzy stone is set on a simple gold fill 14/20 cuff to make this a contemporary fashionable piece For small wrists. 8mm genuine jet black lava. It is embellished with gold colored brass beads. To top it off there is a hematite druzy encircled with a gold finish charm For smaller wrists. This is a stunning 8mm faceted rose quartz bracelet. The opulent pale pink quartz is beautiful, and includes a gold flower charm. Each bracelet is handmade and materials are purchased in small quantities
For petite wrists. What a stunning bracelet made with pink morgantite chips varying in size. It is embellished with gold colored brass chips. To top it off there is a gold peace charm, along with a dangling stone For small wrists. Red, orange and coral colored sunstone chips. It is scattered with gold colored brass metal chips. To top it off there is a gold star charm, along with a dangling stone. For tiny wrists. A bracelet made with soft green blue morgantite chips varying in size. It is embellished with gold colored brass chips. To top it off there is a gold star charm, along with a dangling stone
This stunning natural stone bracelet is hand made with semi precious lapis lazuli stones chips. The soothing blue hues are interspersed with gold brass metal chips in between each bead. A perfectly gorgeous piece to dress up any outfit. comes with charm. For tiny wrists. Show some beauty and class with these timeless natural pearl bracelets! This beautiful set of 2 bracelets is hand made with soothing natural pearls. It is embellished with gold charms and gold beads. A perfectly unique set

Natural stone bracelets for dainty arms

There is nothing quite like a beautiful handmade bracelet with natural stones. Because of the uniqueness of each stone, they are all different. There is an array of different colors and textures of stones and this is natures way of creating natural beauty. Stones are known for their healing powers too. So buy yourself a gorgeous handmade natural stone bracelet handcrafted by an artisan today for your petite wrist. Then, show off your dainty wrist!