Bracelets To Fit Your Small Wrists!

Hello, my name is Elaine and I'm thrilled you are here as we are a lot alike, we are trying to find bracelets to fit our tiny wrists.

As a women with skinny wrists and a mother of four daughters with the same, finding bracelets and watches to fit our petite wrists has always been challenging. As a young women I would tell my mother* how frustrated I was about my bracelets falling off. My mom would tell me it was ok, I just had dainty wrists, and be proud of my thin arms. Growing up, my father* taught me to appreciate quality and craftsmanship in everything I saw.

Using what I learned from my parents and my deep passion to find bracelets that fit, I created an online boutique with bracelets, bangles, and watches to exclusively only fit women with small 5 - 6 inch wrists. The best part is you can find them all in one place here at Dainty Wrist Jewelry! My wonderful daughters, pictured with me are involved in helping you to find fashionable bracelets that will fit.

May I present you with quality handmade bracelets that are made by various artisans in the US along with some stylish fashion jewelry. We have bangles, cuffs, watches, wraps, beaded, charms, silver, gold, sterling silver, gold filled, colorful, trendy, natural stones and much more. Never worry about losing your bracelets again. Browse our beautiful and unique selection and remember to show off your dainty wrists!

*My beautiful mother passed away of a heart attack, and a couple years later, my loving dad followed to be with her. So in honer of them, we are donating 1% of our annual sales to the American Heart Association

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